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Q. Why do I need storm drain protection?
A. Storm drain protection is the number one method of water pollution prevention, which benefits the worlds entire eco systems, and in turn, benefits the people living in it!


Q. How do NoFlood® Filters work?
A. Our product is simple. Our standard filters have a drop in design, and the grate sits on top of the filter, holding it in place. Rain events, or extreme weather, push sediment, hydrocarbons, oils, trash, and debris in to the drain. Our filter catches the pollutants, then allows the clean water to flow back in to our waterways. 

A. Our under-grate filters are designed to sit under the grate, with adjustable rods to support the inlet filter. Aesthetically pleasing, as the entire filter is under the grate. Longer lifespan, due to no vehicle contact and limited UV exposure.


Q. How long do NoFlood® Filters last?
A. All our filters come with a one year manufacturers warranty, but based on the location and environment surrounding the filter, the life span of a NoFlood® filter can last up to 5 years!


Q. How often do I service NoFlood® Filters?
A.  Servicing depends on environmental factors. Servicing is recommended after heavy rain events, heavy winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Typical servicing occurs every 1-3 months as needed.


Q. How much do the NoFlood® filters cost?
Each filter is different, and prices are based on the total square inches of the filter. Contact a 
member of our staff for more pricing information.

And don't forget, NoFlood, Inc is ALWAYS looking for distributors to sell our product! Distributors receive up to 45% discount off MSRP!!! Contact a member of our staff for more information!


Q. What makes your product different from your competitors products?
A. The majority of our competitors products use a method that blocks or covers the drain completely. During heavy rain events, this leads to flooded roads. Flooding can cause undermining of the roadway, resulting in thousands of dollars in structural and vehicle damage. OUR product, filters the water, catches the toxins, and releases clean water back into our waterways. NO FLOODING!!!


Q. Where do I install NoFlood® Filters?
A. Anywhere there's a storm drain! NoFlood® Filters really make a difference in locations such as gas stations, service centers, restaurants, trash compactors, highways, construction sites, parking lots, home building, land development, and truck stops.


Q. Do you offer custom sizing?
A. Yes, we sure do! Every grate is different. On our home page you will find the instructions to measure your grate. Once you provide us those measurements, we will custom make you a filter to those exact specifications.


Q. Do your filters comply with Stormwater Management Regulations?
A. Yes, the NoFlood® Filter helps comply with N.P.D.E.S., 40 CFR 122.26, TMDL, and S.W.P.P.P. requirements for storm drain protection.


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