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These Flume Filters are designed to be quick clamped to the cement for a quick and easy service. All flume filters come with 2 mounting brackets that require you to drill and set cement ground anchors. This will hold your filter in place also acting as anti theft protection. This filter is used to protect areas like retention and detention ponds from harmful pollutants that runoff from parking lots and streets. Give your environment the chance it deserves and protect it today.

  • Only filter designed for Flumes

  • Clamps down with cement anchors

  • Pocket that catches everything

  • Carry and dump debris 

  • Made from 8oz geotextile with a 2000hr UV rating

  • Absorbs oils, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals

  • Reusable frame, constructed from heavy duty galvanized steel

  • Filter and Frame can be purchased separately, new filter installs on to frame in seconds!

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Our Products

Custom Sizing Available

Flume Filter 22" to 37"

Flume Filter 22" to 37"

Item Number : FF2237

Flume Filter 36" to 60"

Flume Filter 36" to 60"

Item Number : FF3660

Flume Filter 48" to 84"

Flume Filter 48" to 84"

Item Number : FF4884

Didn't see a filter for your inlet? No Problem!
Text or Email us a photo with dimensions and we will make it for you. 


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