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The PowerArm™ makes grate lifting easier than ever. Drive within 3ft of the center of the grate and let the PowerArm™ adjust to your location. The “Arm” has a 3ft, 180° swing radius and a double jointed elbow that allows the positioning of the magnet (sold separately) in the center of the grate. Once magnet is centered, turn magnet to  “lock-on” position and use winch control to start lifting the grate.  When grate is clear from its rim, swing the grate away. Reverse the steps to replace the grate.



  • Fits into standard 2” square trailer hitch

  • 400lb lifting capacity

  • Welded 2” x 3” tubular steel construction

  • Electric or Manual (worm gear) winch

  • Winch features: 12 V DC, power-up & powerdown control, removable 15’ Lg. remote control cord, a galvanized cable with latch hook and a 7-Way Blade Style trailer end connector


  • Reduce lost time injuries caused by handling heavy covers

  • Prevent injuries to fingers and toes

  • Prevent long term back injuries/soreness

  • Minimizes lifting

  • concerns for an aging

       or gender diverse               workforce


  • Makes moving heavy manhole covers an easy one person operation

  • Faster access to openings

  • Eliminate the use of pry bars

  • Ideal for survey & pumper crews

  • PowerArm™ folds to the bumper for easy storage

  • For safety, the magnet must be in contact with the manhole cover to be turned on


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